FO: "Chunky Monkey" vest for Baby J

Done and done! :woohoo:The Chunky Monkey vest is ready to give to my chunky monkey!

I was sweating it. This is a stash project, yarn [U]and[/U] buttons, but I was very unsure if I’d have enough of the tan to work all of the ribbed areas. I still have 3 balls of the blue remaining.

As it stands, I knit the neckband and armhole ribbing with less rows than called for, but honestly, I knit them until I liked them, regardless of the yarn shortfall. Other Chunky Monkey vests have very wide neckbands and armbands. Too wide for my taste.

Anyhoo, this is a nice pattern, and it’s open for many color interpretations.
It’s a great “knit from stash” pattern. My Ravelry project notes.

The buttons are steel, and I was worried that they’d be too heavy for the
buttonband (seeing that the yarn is Ella Rae Latte). But they are just right,
much to my relief because these were the only buttons in my stash that came close to “ok”.

A nice little vest. I’m trying to work almost exclusively from my stash because it is so big. :sad: Not easy to do sometimes. Right now I want a certain weight or yarn but don’t seem to have any. :shrug: Now what? It feels good to use stash though doesn’t it?

An adorable chunky monkey vest for your adorable chunky monkey! :yay:

Beautiful, as always, ArtLady. Love, love, love the colours combination.

That is really sweet. How nice to have a baby boy to knit for.

Beautiful vest!!

Very nice! I, too, love the color combination!! I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again: You make such beautiful creations!

Something extra special about the tan (ribbing) yarn: being Ella Rae Latte, it’s softer than cashmere. Almost sinfully soft! So it will feel good next to his neck, and soft to button up.

The blue yarn is a ‘so-so’ feeling wool. Not scratchy, not soft.
(Debbie Bliss Soho)

Clever! He’ll be the best-dressed baby in town. It’s an unusual combination, very stunning.

What a wonderful problem to have!

PS- Cute vest, ArtLady!

That worked out beautifully with good sized ribbing all around. Very satisfying to be able to finish with the trim just right. Well done!

Aww, that’s so cute. he will look adorable