FO: Chunky Brown Scarf

used Garnstudio’s DROPS Inka yarn… about 1.5 skeins.
cast on 21 and just k1p1 till i ran out. i guess it’s just a moss stitch but i sweetened the scarf by only knitting it ~4’ long then stretching the crap out of it and blocking it at 6’ long. made it thinner and skinnier.

That made a very nice scarf! Does the yarn have some variation in the color or is that just the picture?

Very pretty! :yay:

:happydance: Great job! Love the color

Nice job, and I love the colors!

Looks great and I really like the color. :slight_smile:

the color is all in the yarn! probably the easiest scarf ever since you only have to knit 2/3 of it!
i may churn out several more in the days to come

Great scarf! Love the colors.

Looks nice and cozy!

Nice job. I love the color variations.

Very lovely! I really love moss stitch, but find it hard on my hands to knit. You did a great job!

It is a very handsome! I really like it! :thumbsup: Good job! Love the earth colors!

i made another one… but blue

:happydance: Great job and love that color of blue!

jonthegreat - gorgeous! I’m not too far from you - where did you get the yarn??

Also (off topic) - can anyone tell me, in this thread, what does “FO” mean?? (I’m new to all of this…) (Whoops, never mind - found it in the “abbreviations” thread in General Knitting!)