FO: Chunky Braided Scarf!

The yarn: 2 skeins Rowan Cocoon, Emerald 814
Unblocked length and width: 48" x 3.5"

I made this to complement my Jenny Cloche that’s made out of the same yarn. The Jenny Cloche was made to go with Babette, almost done!

This is the model photo for Babette. Mine doesn’t have the sleeves seamed into the armholes yet!

Wow those are beautiful! I love the color.


Beautiful :slight_smile:

Oooooh, so pretty! I saw that pattern somewhere before and meant to try it sometime. Thanks for sharing!!



Chunky, cabled AND green - my favorite:cheering:

Wow…you amaze and inspire me!! So many boards here that you are on with items being worked on!!


I am very pleased with this little scarf. It is very thick due to the chunky cables that are 5x5 cables (three cable interactions across each 5th row, and 2 across each 11th row)…however, because it is only 3.5" unblocked width, it fits my neck perfectly!

I’ll take a photo of me wearing it and the hat next time I put on my black and white herringbone winter coat.

oooooh, pretty!!! I love the color, and it looks SO soft and squeeze-able!

Oh my! Those are some SERIOUS cables!!

You paired the yarn and the pattern nicely! They both compliment each other perfectly!


Love this! I’ve queued the pattern! Thanks!

Very pretty, I love that color of green! :inlove:

Pretty, and I can’t wait to see the sweater!