FO-Chunky braided scarf for Mom

I’m still a fairly knitter and new here, but I am thoroughly enjoying reading through the posts and learning all the ins and outs of knitting.

I decided to try something a bit ambitious for me, and it turned out wonderfully. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. I have so few knitting friends in real life, that I figured I’d post here. :slight_smile:

The pattern is here
and I used Patons Shetland Chunky High Plains Variegated.

That is so pretty!!

That looks amazing! I know what you mean about not having many knitting friends. I’m always on this site just checking out what people are doing and learning about different problems, solutions and projects.

It turned out great! Really really nice. She will love it.

I love this scarf! Love the texture, the pattern, the colors, everything. Great job – thanks for posting.

It looks really nice. I love the texture and the warm, rich colour combination. Great job!

Beautiful!!! :cheering::cheering:

It looks warm and snuggly I’m glad you posted it for us. Very nice job, I need to get ambitious to try something more challenging like that too :happydance:

So pretty! Going to look up that pattern right away!

Great job! It’s nice to see a finished project that looks like it was really hard (but wasn’t)!

Love the colors, looks warm and snuggly!

Love it! I just bookmarked that pattern. Thanks.

You can always find a friend here, that is for sure. Your scarf looks great!

That is really pretty!! I hope you will post often… I know how you feel…I don’t know many near me either who knit but this place is great :woot:

Great job :thumbsup: Very pretty color, too.

That is beautiful! Did you use a smaller sized needle for the ribbing, as she suggested?

No. I planned to use smaller needles, but I was starting the project when I would be away from home just sitting for a couple of hours. I packed up both sized needles, yarn, etc., but when I got there, somehow one of the smaller needles was missing from my bag. So I thought about trying to knit on one smaller and one larger needle but ultimately decided it was too much trouble, so I jwent on with just the larger needles. I did try to keep my cable pattern loose, though.