FO - Chullo

I haven’t posted lately. :slight_smile:

My own pattern. I used Peruvian yarn (79% acrylic - 21% wool).

How much would you charge for it?


I don’t know about price as I’ve never priced one, but that is a gorgeous hat!!!

That’s awesome! I would think it would cost a pretty penny, depending on where you bought it. A ski store or resort and it would probably be very pricy!

Pretty cool ! I love it ! :slight_smile:

Very pretty hat, and unique! :slight_smile:


I love it, but don’t have a clue on the price. How many hours do you have in it?

That’s absolutely beautiful! I’d certainly be willing to pay a nice sum for that. I’m jealous :slight_smile: I could never create anything like that. It looks fantastic :slight_smile:

:fingerwag: Yes, you can! It just takes practice! :thumbsup:

Pricing depends on so many variables, not just the yarn used and time you put in (realistically, few of us can be compensated for our time at a living-wage rate) but also the design itself. Did you create the various colorful designs within the hat? If so, then it’s more than just a hat, it’s artwork. The price goes up. Is it one of a kind? The price goes up. If not your own little designs, are they authentic to a particular region? The price goes up. I would check REI’s online store to get a starting point. Oh, I almost forgot–it’s beautiful!

I love it! Especially the pattern on the earflap sections.

For pricing–you might also have a look around Etsy to see if there are similar things others are selling so you can get an idea of how much they are being sold for.

Wow! Very impressive! No clue on what to charge, but I wouldn’t think it would be cheap anywhere.

:happydance: You did a great job!!

I don’t know on the pricing though depends on the hrs you put in it and the cost of yarn…I looked around on etsy and was surprised that the most expensive one I could find was $35.00, I figure they would be more :think:

I don’t know how much I’d charge for it. That’s a hard one to answer. You obviously used good yarn, and Fair Isle knitting takes time…so you have invested a lot in this hat.

But, regular folks will only pay so much for a hat. If you were putting this hat in a high-end ski boutique, someone might pay $80 for this hat. I could be underestimating.

But even at $100 for the hat, you still don’t earn diddly for your time after cost of yarn is factored out.

If I were going to knit a 3/4 coat for someone, like say SYLVI (below) I’d charge $600 plus cost of yarn. And I wouldn’t be making much per hour at that price.

Lovely hat. The patterns you put on it are very nice and the colors. I like the way it is slouchy at the top.