FO: Christmas Gifts!

:happydance: Here are my latest FOs… They are all Christmas gifts except for the purple clogs…they’re mine! :smiley:

Love the variegated yarn. Nice work!

REALLY nice stuff there!! That marble yarn is GAWGEOUS!!

They are all beautiful!!

Great job! Done with the Christmas knitting now?? :smiley:

:cheering: Love the hat and scarf! Beautiful yarn. Good job on the clogs, too!

Ohhh, beautiful stuff!

Love the yarn, what brand/kind is it?

Thanks everybody! :blush:
Yes!! The christmas knitting is finished! woot! :happydance:

The yarn I used in the scarf is called Marble color MT2. I bought mine at AC Moore…

Danielle, everything looks GREAT!! I love the yarn you used for the scarf and hat. Beautiful!!! :thumbsup:


I love all your work It is sooo pretty! If I had the money for the CLOG pattern I would be making them as well lol. I LOVE your scarf and hat as well beautifull work!!!
Vanessa :happydance: :cheering:

You’re going to make some people very happy! :smiley:

Danielle…what yumminess!!! I love, love the hat & scarf! And the clogs…love the color!! BEAUTIFUL!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Great job on everything they will love it!!! :happydance:

Your yarn choices are wonderful. That Marble couldnt be any prettier, I love love love the hat.

:happydance: great job, Danielle!!! :happydance:

I read your list of Christmas Knitting and wondered if you point me in the direction of your jingle bell dishrag.

Thanks for reading,

Really nice!! You are going to make people really happy with those gifts! :slight_smile:

Wow! Those are gorgeous! I love that yarn with that pattern. They’re going to LOVE their gifts! :heart: :happydance:

Beautiful!!! :thumbsup: