FO: Christmas gifts (scarves & hats)

Thankfully everyone liked their knitted gift (which may be a bad thing since everyone will expect another next Christmas!) and I even got a “where’s mine?!” from some one!

I made this scarf for my BIL’s gf. It’s Lion Brand thick and quick or jiffy or something like that. Just plain garter stitch.

This scarf was for my brother’s gf. Garter stitch also. Its the SH*** yarn I’ve ever used and I even felt kind of bad giving it to her. It’s cute, but the yarn and I do not get along. It’s some kind of baby stuff from Lion Brand or the like.

These two hats were for my nieces (I actually made three for three nieces, but two are exactly the same). I used Mission Falls cotton (e-bay score) and it’s from the pattern in LMKG.

I love this picture - it reminds of Mrs. Nesbit. (In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear goes crazy and thinks he’s Mr.s Nesbit, Tea Party style). Hello - I’m Mrs. Nesbit! Would you like a spot of tea?!

This one I made months back and probably posted it somewhere way back when. It was for my sister. I don’t know the name of the yarn, but it’s yummy. The pattern is a free one on this site - garter drop stitch.

This last one was for my niece (go dawgs). It’s the Lopi Tote with WOTA. I also made one for my other niece in plain black, but didn’t get a chance to snap a pic since I made it the night before Christmas! :oops:

I also made three pairs of clogs, but I posted those in the clog thread.

Now, time for stuff for me!!! :wink:

Everything looks wonderful! Love the picture of ‘Mrs. Nesbit’! :roflhard:

:smiley: Thank you Ingrid!

You had some very lucky recipients. Your items are all gorgeous! :smiley:

Thank you Renna! :smiley:

Those look GREAT!

And I LOVE Ms. Nesbitt! LOL :rofling:

Thanks Penny! That picture makes me laugh every time I see it. He looks so serious! :lol:

They are ALL wonderful!! You have lucky people on your Christmas gift list!

And LOVE Mrs. Nesbit! I thought the same thing when I seen it then read what you said and almost died laughing :roflhard:

Oooh, great pics, love the silly dog/Nesbit. :roflhard:

I LOVE the striped garter scarf. Great colors, simple and classy. :inlove:

Your gifts look great!! Lucky family!

And I LOVE your UGA inspired purse, hehe.


Everything looks so cozy :D. I like that purse. Where did you get the pattern? Thanks.

Thanks so much All! :smiley:

The purse is from HelloYarn under their free patterns section. It’s the Lopi Tote. It was super easy!

And YES - GO DAWGS! :cheering: I am headed off to the Sugar Bowl this evening too! :happydance:

Such cute gifts! I loved the hats with the i-cord :smiley: What (or where) is LMKG?

BTW - your dog is AWESOME!! What a cutie :smiley:

Such cute gifts! I loved the hats with the i-cord :smiley: What (or where) is LMKG?

BTW - your dog is AWESOME!! What a cutie :smiley:

Love all of your knitted gifts!! WTG! :thumbsup: Cute dog, too! :heart:

Thank you Holly and Danielle! :heart:

LMKG is a book of patterns - Last Minute Knitted Gifts. You can find it just about anywhere! :thumbsup: