FO: Christening dress

This is the christening dress from Hell that I frogged about ten times. Glad it’s out of the house and with my daughter in Seattle. Sheesh! It’s a Gingerbread cable with Fireside lace on the bottom. I made the pattern up. It was my first lace project.

You can post it here so people don’t have to wait for two pages to load.

It’s very pretty!

It’s lovely. If there is one thing knitting has taught me is patience. I have frogged stuff so many times my croaker is broke! lol

Well it turned out beautifully. I’m sure it will be a treasured heirloom. Nice work!

Beautiful. i am sure your daughter will treasure it.

Jan, I tried to post photos twice on this forum, but it doesn’t like me. The first time I got an error message saying I wasn’t authorized to post or something like that. The second time when I went to upload this, I keep getting messages saying there’s an error. Flicker’s my only option at this point. And I did resize the photos.

I put it in your original post for you. I think you just haven’t learned how to do it yet. In the photostream I clicked on the picture. Then on the next page I clicked the arrow next to actions that is above the photo and selected all sizes. Choose the size you want then right click and choose “copy image location” (In firefox) and then click the image button in KH and paste the link in the box and click okay. Voila!

Thank you! You’re so sweet. I’ll play around with it on my upcoming days off. Gotta work today. Tonight is Monday night football with the big Packer-Vikings rivalry game, so that’s booked.


Lovely dress! I especially like the lacy border. And I didn’t know Lionbrand had a stitch library too.

How pretty! I’m sure your DD loves it!

This was a first time lace project for me. The lace looks complicated, but it’s very easy. This is from a crafts publication from 1884.

It is a work of love, and spectacular to boot! Congrats! :happydance:

This is a true heirloom to be enjoyed, hopefully, many times.

Oh! That’s beautiful. Great work on this, and what a wonderful project to be a first-time lace work. This is something that will definitely stay in the family and be appreciated for years to come!

This is an old post, but I had to show off pics of the baby dedication where Emma wore this gown last Sunday.

Oh, so sweet. The gown is lovely, the baby is lovelier. I don’t know how I missed this before. You did such a beautiful job.

Thanks for sharing the modeled picture! What a sweetie! And your little dress looks fabulous on her.

I love how she’s looking at it, too!

It is very pretty! You did a nice job:inlove: