FO - Chocolate Bunny

He didn’t come out quite as well as I’d hoped. His ears aren’t long enough and I thought I followed the pattern as written. I think there is an error in the pattern from #43 on. For one thing it would be lopsided since it doesn’t have you do the decreases on both sides so I did them anyway. I suspect I should have knit a plain row in between decreases, but it doesn’t say so I didn’t. Hence the short ears. Cute enough I guess though. :teehee:
ETA: Just looked and Ravelry and everyone elses looks fine so it’s something I did wrong.

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Jan that’s how the chocolate bunnies looked in my house when some kid leaves them lying around for mom to eat the ears off of them,:roflhard:so it looks fine to me :teehee:

I think it is adorable, particularly the way he is sitting. Good job.

Thanks! Someone on Rav said the same thing, Julie. :teehee:

I cut the zipper part off a snack size bag, put some rice in it and then folded it over and stapled it then folded it again to fit the bunny and taped it. It helps him stand up.

Also… Instead of picking up stitches with the yarn attached I bound off. Then I picked up all the way around and went ‘backwards’ so the ridge would be on the outside…makes it stand flatter. :thumbsup:

He’s a [I]real [/I]chocolate bunny, [I]after [/I]the kids get a hold of him!
Looks great!

He is lovely ! Ears do not normally last long on chocolate bunnies in my house either . Then goes the head and then the rest and mmmmmmmmmmm choco heaven lol :slight_smile:

Yum! Is it a ‘cover’ for a real hunk of bunny shaped chocolate, or, just stuffed with fluffy stuff?

Maybe he’s a [I]lopped[/I] eared bunny, Jan? Whatever,he’s very cute!

OMGoodness!!! He is just too cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I simply have to make one!

That bunny is just too darn cute!! Ditto what everyone said about the ears lol!!

Oh that is so cute!

That is so cute! It reminds me of the cartoon where two chocolate Easter bunnies are facing each other; one has his ears bitten off and the other has his tail bitten off. The one with his tail bitten off tells the other one “My butt hurts.” and the one with the ears bitten off just says “What?”

Thanks! I have an idea …what if I duplicate stitch an outline where the ears are supposed to be…either up or floppy. :think:

Yes, it’s stuffed, Dollyce.

I tried to comment on this last night and my commuter gliched and lost my message.

Your bunny is really nice. It is shaped just like many of the chocolate bunnies you see, the classic ones. The ears may be a tad short, but definitely looks like a chocolate bunny, good enough to eat.

I love it!! He’s so cute :heart:

He is really cute. My first thought, too, was that someone had just eaten the ears LOL

He’s a cute bunny and thanks for the pattern link. I’d make one but I don’t have any chocolate yarn in my stash…

I was at Knit Night at my LYS last night and they didn’t have any “chocolate” in DK weight. I used worsted and I’d like to make a smaller one. With ears. :teehee: I may have to make a ‘white chocolate’ bunny. :wink:

Thanks everyone!

:happydance: very cute! The ears give him character :teehee:

Jan, make another with longer ears but modify the tail and you’ll have a great pair like these…

Yep, that’s the first thing I though of when I saw yours.[/color]