FO: Child's Placket-Neck Pullover

I just finished this sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for a baby shower. I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Mint (actually unravelled as I knit from an unfinished tank!) It’s pretty easy, but make sure you get the corrected version!

Looks great :cheering:

Very Cute! :cheering:

:inlove: I love it! It looks great!

I’m sure they’ll love it! It’s so cute!

Great job Mer - I love that color!

Very pretty. I like the pattern on the cuffs and the colour is delicious. :thumbsup:

Great job! :thumbsup:

I love it! I saw that on your blog it says mint for the color, but the picture on my computer looks more blue. :wink: Great sweater! I looked at it for a gift, but decided on a hooded pullover instead which I am working on. Great job!! :thumbsup:

Mer, its so sweet! Great knittin job. Where did you get the wool ease, did you get it in Houston? No one here has it.

edited to say Cotton ease, I need caffeine.

:smiley: Absolutely Perfect!! I love it :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

As I said on your blog – love it!! And. the color is so pretty! :heart:

Thanks guys! I got the Cotton Ease long ago before it was discontinued (I guess about a year ago, really). I have some in the Pistachio color if anyone’s interested! :wink: I don’t think it’ll all get used.

Very cute!

Great job and nice color! I just got that book and thought that pattern was adorable - too bad I don’t know anyone that has a baby…

very cute!