FO-Chihuahua Sweater

Knitted up this sweater for my little 9 week old puppy. I used some leftover alpaca silk–nice and soft. Its on the big side so she’ll have some room to grow. Her name is Scout. She was a present for my 14 year old daughter. We :heart: her! (The puppy AND the daughter :lol: )

Jill, that is SO CUTE!!! :cheering:

Absolutely ADORABLE! and the doggie is precious too! :roflhard:

KK I’m sure will give her review too, perhaps even her Howie will bark his approval!

awwww…I want a sweater for my weiner dog…that is just darling.


[color=darkred]That is one very high class little chihuahua.

Did you use a pattern for it? We have a little Yorkie “grand-dog”, whose mommy could knit for her.[/color] :roflhard:

How cute! Don’t tell kelly, she’ll flip!

Lana - I’m sure your little yorkie would love a new outfit! I got the pattern here:
Its a basic pattern, I just crocheted the pink trim on the neck and armholes to make it girly. :wink:

[color=darkred]Thanks Jillle, I’ll pass it on to my daughter. My own “to do” knit list is too long right now. :x: [/color]


And, Howie says “Grrrrrrrr! VERRY GRRRRRRRR!” :eyebrow:

Scout is jailbait, Kelly! Shame on Howie! :o

That is pretty cute! What I want to know is HOW you people get your dogs to agree to this. My little Maggie hates even a scarf around her neck! My daughter had dreams of dressing up the dog before we got her about 1-1/2 years ago. Unfortunately, her dreams never came true…

Howie, Oh Behaaaaaave!!! :wink: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Poor Howie!

The sweater and poochie are adorable! :heart:

ACK!! That is too friggin CUTE! She looks like quite the diva in her new threads.

Too cute!!!

awww sooo cute!

I saw the title of this post and thought, “KK is gonna go nuts!” :roflhard:

Great job!!! :smiley:

Well, as for putting stuff on my cat… I get him to “agree” merely by the evolutionary fact that he does not have thumbs…

SO THERE :thumbsup:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

so cute! Both the dog and the sweater :smiley: