FO: Chevron Socks

Here is my latest pair of socks.

It’s the Chevron pattern from SKS, done in Summer Breeze Cool - Wear Turquoise with Jeans from Little Knits. I also did the forethought heel with this pair.

Those are so preettty!! I love the colors!

What kind of yarn is that exactly? Maybe you said, but I am not familiar with those abbreviations :??

and I noticed your striping matches perfectly! great socks!

Oh, sorry! I looked at my receipt when I posted the original information because the sock label is in a foreign language. :teehee:

Here’s the site that I ordered the yarn from. If you click “details” beside each yarn, you’ll be able to read more information about the yarn.

The yarn is by “Online yarns.”

Here’s another site that lists out more of their yarns.

They are so pretty! I still have three more skeins of different colors by the same company. I can’t wait to knit them up!

Great job - I just love that pattern!

very nice socks and beautiful colors!

Looks great! :cheering:

Your socks look great! :slight_smile:

Great job those are great!!

So funny, I just finished a pair of socks using that same yarn (different color) last night. I’ll post when I get home from work.

Beautiful :cheering:

I can’t wait to see! What color did you use?