FO: Chevron socks

Just finished these socks last week. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease and size 3 DPNs. I loved making these socks and they are so nice and cozy! I’ve already started a second pair! I used this pattern here

I really like those! I’m making a cardigan with the same type of yarn and if I have some left over, I’ll make those socks. :happydance:

:smiley: gorgeous socks :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Wonderful job!

How nice! Those socks will DEFINITELY be worn a lot!

I love those!!

Beautiful socks!

Tammy, I’m curious as to why you used size 3 needles, rather than the size 6 called for in the pattern. Were you simply wanting them smaller, or was your gauge that different? I don’t have much sock experience yet.

Very pretty!

I love those socks. The pattern is so pretty and lacey looking. I think the color is gorgeous, too. :smiley:

beautiful! :heart:

Love 'em, great color and such even stitches!

Thanks so much everybody for all your compliments! Your all so good for the ego!!

Rennagayle – You caught me, they were size 6. That’s what happens when your trying to do three things at once!! :oops:

Wow great job!

Lovely colour and love the pattern too! Super socks! :slight_smile:

Ooo, great job! I just bookmarked that pattern. Love the choice in color too!

Those turned out great! Two challenges, lace and socks, and you’ve mastered them both!