FO Chevelle Scarf red and black

My favorite band is chevelle and i am a member of their message board and all of my friends there want me to knit them chevelle scarves haha… i used the intarsia method for all of the letters except for the “V” where i used the stranding method … i also stranded the border and the “X” (sideways medic symbol) but i did it all in stockinette so it rolled a little on the sides… looked a lot better after blocking … i have 6 more to make after this and the intarsia method took so long and wasted so much yarn that im just stranding it all… doesn’t look too bad and makes it a little warmer with the extra yarn in the back haha.

Very nice work!!!

Great job!

Nice n cool

I`m impressed, very nice! Looks like it was a lot of work, have fun making six more!

oh now i have 9 after… i made one with red and white

and now i more people want them… my new way of making them though is a lot more work… oh well haha… they are just gonna have to wait :slight_smile: