FO- Chemo hat

I found out earlier this week my uncle has cancer. He started chemo on friday. I decided that I would make him a couple chemo hats to help keep his noggin warm and his spirits up.
here’s the first one! Chemo Cap]

I’m off to make another one in brown with maybe a couple stripes of red and tan.

What a great hat - you finished that over the weekend??!!!
That’s a really lovely idea, I’m sure your Uncle will love them. Good luck to him with his treatment.

What a sweet idea! It’s great that you can use your talent as a comfort and encouragement to those you love. Well done :smiley:

oh, and just incase anyone is looking, here is the pattern i used. it’s called the London Beanie

Thank you for the pattern - I have an older nephew who would love one of those