FO: "Charlotte's Shrug"

“Charlotte’s Shrug” is a cute little design I spotted in a LYS…on the 2010 LYS TOUR. I just got around to knitting it up.[B] If [/B]it fits my daughter, and [B]if[/B] she likes it, I will give it to her next Tuesday. I didn’t specifically knit it for her…I just knit it. It’s a one size fits all. It does fit me, but I think it will look better on her.
Stay tuned…

Edited to add: I just remembered…she’s allergic to mohair. Silk Garden is 40% mohair. She gets itchy welts if she even touches it, or if I’m wearing it when we sit together at a movie. She can wear 100% wool, but no funny stuff included like kid mohair or angora rabbit.

This the the shrug that I knit.

Noro Silk Garden, color 269…2 strands held together, plus 1 strand of Saldanha lace weight gets gauge of 10 st = 4" on US13 needle

This is the true color, photo taken by the window.

Hereare my Rav notes if you care to look. I’ve included links and shop contact information on how you can get the pattern from Main Street Yarn shop. They have a Ravelry group, too.

Below is the photo I took in the LYS back in 2010. This photo is the SHOP SAMPLE.

Well done, ArtLady.

Which picture is the actual color? (Both are lovely, but you know whole cat and curiosity thing, right? Well, my cat wants to know!) :slight_smile:

Oh sorry for the confusion.

I fixed my post to say that the [B]grey shrug[/B] up on the yarn cupboards is the [B]SHOP SAMPLE[/B]. [B]

The shrug that I knit is the beige/cream version. [/B]

Yeah, I got the shop version and your version down, but when I look at [U]your[/U] pictures I see a lighter version and a darker version.

Oh, gotcha. One was taken by the window…more light…one was taken hanging on the coat closet door, less light.

Click my Ravelry link to the project…I posted about six photos.

Color 269 Silk Garden has a lot of variants of cream, grey, beige.

To my naked eye, the true color is accurately shown in the 2nd photo, the full frontal view by the window, hanging on the blocking table.

:thumbsup: Lovely!
Good color choice, better than the shop sample.
Is the pattern available somewhere?

Beautiful…Love the color and mohair…WOO WOO!!:yay: :yay:
I call it a bed jacket…It fits for when you are sitting in bed, sick or hospital and keep the upper body warm. I wear mine all the time…

I bought it (1-pg leaflet) at Main Street Yarn shop in Miill Creek, Wa.
I included their phone number and address (link) in my “Charlotte’s Shrug” notebook notes.

I contacted them a while ago…and they do have the pattern available. $3.50 plus mailing. Hopefully a one-page leaflet won’t cost more than $1 or so. I don’t know where you live in relation to Mill Creek…but maybe a visit to the shop would be fun! It’s a beautiful shop, lots of variety and space, and good lighting! I loved it when I visited.

They have a website with lots of contact info. Click here.
Or, contact them by phone[B][FONT=Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif][B] 425-337-9606.


Beautiful, as always, ArtLady! :inlove:

Lovely. This would always be nice for church or somewhere you want some coverage from the chill but not a whole heavy cardigan. It is beautiful

Lovely work and a beautiful sweater. I love the subtle colors and the softness of this shrug. Perfect as ever and a delight to see.

Nooooo! ArtLady does it again! :tap:

It is lovely though… and I did manage to cast on the second of a pair of socks last night and knit a bit of rib… :knitting:

Very nice!! It looks like it would give more coverage than a lot of shrugs. It has a very rustic feel but sophisticated at the same time. Is that possible? :slight_smile:

What a cute pattern! It looks like this one will provide a little more warmth than a lot of other shrugs that I’ve seen. Very nice!

I bought it (1-pg leaflet) at Main Street Yarn shop in Miill Creek, Wa.
I included their phone number and address (link) in my “Charlotte’s Shrug” notebook notes.

It sure is a ways for you Artlady!!

I will go in the next time, I’m in the states!:cool:

Yeah, Mill Creek is about 45 minutes north of me. I don’t “drop in”. It was fun to visit during the 4-day LYS TOUR.

Four of us knitters from our South Sound Knitting Guild carpooled together each day, heading out early in the morning, getting back home after ! Several car groups from our club bumped into us here and there!

it looks very soft and snuggly. I’d love sitting behind you or anybody) in Church, looking at this lovely thing. Another great knitting accomplishment to check off your list.

Ya…it is on the way down for me to Redmond. So I can drop in and look around. I think I’ve been in there before.

Let me know when you will be “carpooling” to Vancouver. There are some great places to visit and we could get a tour of the oldest spinning/carding machine on the west coast. Birkelandwool store!!:woot: