FO: Charity hats

I’ve been crocheting hats for the winter for my local elementary school. I think I started in May or June. I took them out this morning and started counting. I kept pulling them out of the bag and pulling them out. Twenty one hats! I can’t believe I did that many. Plus I think I have a few more lurking around somewhere.

That’s a wonderful variety of sizes and colors, enough to please and warm any elementary school kid! (It sounds like you’ve outfitted the entire school by now.) Great idea and beautiful work.

Wow that’s great! Some kids are going to have warm heads this year instead of cold ones, wonderful!!!

Wow, that’s a lot of hats! Awesome.

You’ve been busy busy busy! These look great, and I bet the kids will love them, too. Such a wide variety of colors–you must be getting rid of all kinds of stash! Yay!

Wowzer! a great collection! very loving work! :yay:

Yay!!! I love it! It’s great to see people putting their talents to such wonderful use to make others lives better. Those kids are so lucky to have someone around like you.
You are amazing!
So, I have to ask you, did you really crochet most of those in your PJs?

A great idea! Kids need to wear hats. So important to health.

What a great way to use up stash, and help out others at the same time! The kids will love to have so many colors to choose from!