FO- Chalice Triangle Scarf

Wondering, figuring and manipulating stitches for the better part of the year has finally produced this odd scarf. I just had to prove to myself that it’s possible to make a triangle completely knit in the round. I’m not particularly excited with it but having raised a teenage daughter, I know that my opinion is not always the most popular….so here it is!

Update: After removing from the blocking board, I am much happier with this and love the drape!

Before turning it into a PDF for download would love to get opinions. Thanks! Mary

Oh my … I think it turned out exquisite!!! Wow!! Great job Mary!

Thanks, Wanda and I forgot to add that it only took 1 (440 yards) skein of Knitpicks, Gloss Lace in Mango. The wingspan is 40" and Wires are required for blocking.

Wow, I think that’s amazing!

It’s lovely. Very nice work.

Wow, that’s terrific!!

I’d knit that in a heavier yarn and turn it into a shawl, that’s totally different.

Hmmm, haven’t tested in a heavier yarn or one without wool, wanna test it for me??? I have this 40" size written out…just a matter of repeating more of certain rounds to make it larger…

The center is puffy unblocked…I’m concerned that it might remain that way in a cotton or an acrylic…

Sure, I’ll try it out. I have some sport weight and I warn you, I was going to knit it on size 10s. I don’t have anything smaller than a 7 and prefer 10s or bigger, well, 9s anyway. Oh, and it’s an acrylic, so well see how that works.

The needle size and yarn is up to you…just know that that center is puffy and I don’t know how it’ll lay down. Email me and I’ll send you the word document with increase instructions. I’m PMing you my email addy. Thanks and holler when you need to!

Okay, I’ll see what I can do with it. Thanks.

All I can say is WOW!!! Love the color and the pattern work is just…WOW!!

I think I know why the very middle is ‘puffy’. You need a couple more rounds of plain knit between the increase rounds 3 and 5. I’ve been playing around with Pi shawls lately, and the formula is you CO, knit, double the sts, knit one rnd, double the sts, knit 3 rounds, double the ste, knit 5 rounds, double the sts, etc… This pattern doesn’t really double the sts from rnd 3 on rnd 5, but it’s close enough. I got up to rnd 20 doing your pattern as written, and it does have a ruffle to it. So I’m going to try adding 2 more plain rounds between those increases from 36 to 54 sts and see what that looks like. I think it’ll lie flat then.

WONDERFUL! This isn’t knitting…THIS IS ART! Fabulous job! And, I love the color, too!!!

ArtLady beat me to it, but when I saw the photos my first thought was “This is a work of art!”

C’est magnifique!!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Anxious to see this…don’t want it to change the look…

What language are the bolded words??? I started to name this: Tri a la’ise (comfortable triangle).

[B][SIZE=3]<<C’est magnifique!!! >>

:cheering:[/SIZE][/B] :cheering: :cheering:

It’s French. Translates to “It’s magnificient!!!”.


I LOVE this :oD

How can you say you’re not pleased??? When I saw it, it took my breath away! It’s beautiful! :heart: :heart: