FO: Cell phone case? - First time felting

It is my first time felting… today I read about it and decided to try it myself… I knitted a rectangle 8"x6" in Stst with Patons yarn 100% wool. I went through the felting process… and I got a 7"x 4" rectangle, I figured the size was ok for making a cell phone case…

Here is the pic… :wink:

I like the texture! I am definitely going to keep looking for information about felting, I know what every girl in the family is getting for their bday and Christmas this year… :XX: Must start soooon…[size=6][/size][size=7][/size]

That looks great! :thumbsup:

Great idea & great job!!

That is really cute. It was also smart to try something small to felt. I’ve never felted anything before but when I finally do it, I will make sure to do a sample project first. Thanks!

Thank you! :slight_smile: I want to finish what I am working on now(Baby Afghan) so I can start working on felting, I really like the idea and the finished objects look really good.