FO - Cedar in Katia Idea Jeans

Okay, here’s my attempt to load a picture. This was my first sweater and first time taking pictures of my finished work.
Pattern: Cedar by Berroco, knitted in Katia Idea Jeans. It was for my sister who got the gorgeous bod genes in the family.

Gorgeous work! I love that color! :thumbsup:

That’s very pretty! I’ve never seen a sweater with falsies before, though. :rofling:

That is really well knit! And the color is so appealing!

I love that colour!! Your sister is very lucky.


Thank you to each of you for your compliments.

I was so proud of myself for finishing it. I learned how to frog using a smaller size cable needle as shown in Amy’s video.

Learning how to fix my mistakes was the best thing I ever did in helping me do more in my knitting.


That’s lovely!

And thanks for mentioning the video of frogging with a cable needle - that will be really useful.

The color is beautiful! It’s a lovely garment!

pretty colour! =D Lovely garment!

Wonderful job those colors are so summery!

:smiley: Beautiful…your sister will LOVE it :thumbsup:

Amen to that!

Your sister will love it, it’s so well done.

:cheering: :cheering:

That looks great. I have been eyeing that yarn for a while now. I’m just not sure what I would make with it.

How many skeins did you use?