FO: CeCe

This is another UFO that was languishing. I started out with the wrong size and had to redo the body because it came out too big. After all that, I stalled with the project needing only the collar seam and underarm seams sewn, ends woven in, and a button! It sat like this for over 2 years!!!

I actually got pretty discouraged with knitting altogether when one of my dogs ate a project I was working on, and left it totally unsalvageable (sp?) She even chomped through my Knitpicks needle cable! I wasn’t expecting this since my other dogs leave my knitting alone. Darcy the Doberman finds knitting and even just balls of yarn irresistible though!

Anyway, I got out CeCe during my mad dash to finish some UFOs and I discovered that I don’t even own the shirt I planned to wear under her anymore! :mrgreen: I ordered some black long-sleeve tees online, but for now, you get a blocking board photo.

The fit is a little looser than I’d hoped, but I still think CeCe will be wearable. And that’s one more thing out of the UFO pile! :happydance:

I forgot the pic! See the next post…

Oops, here’s the pic. I couldn’t get it to add to the first post. :shock:

Excellent. That is so pretty. Yeah, over a black T, I can see that, love it.

Wow! That’s really pretty.:yay:

I’m with GG, over a black T or sleeveless mock turtleneck. :thumbsup:

That came out so nice! Love the color!

Beautiful work. I’m so glad you’ve freed this sweater (and Sylvi) from the UFO pile. Terrific color, too!

This is lovely and a great color too! Aren’t you glad you finally finished it!!!

That’s really nice, Maureen!..and a credit to your perseverance, for taking it out after 2 years and finishing a UFO.

Beautiful! I love the colour and the lacy pattern. Good job on rescuing it after 2 years of confinement :slight_smile:

Super job on this lovely little cardigan(?). And congratulations on finishing another project. I love the color and the lace.

Oh this is another nice one! I am familiar with this pattern! I might have it!

Great work, and I’m inspired by your fortitude! Finishing up WIPS that were languishing for so long! A lot of people would just let 'em lie! (ahem!)