FO: catnip toy

My cats just love this when I bring it out. They roll around and wrestle with it. I have to find out how to put the ends in better because they are sticking out but it actually helps me dangle it above them too.

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what a great gift for a cat.

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What a great toy!! too cute!

It’s so cute how they are playing with it! Good idea about the cat nip too.

:happydance: Very Cute

CUTE! THey probably love the dangly yarn.

Your cat is so pretty! My cat’s name is Lucy too, but we usually call her Goose. I have made a toy like that and she ignores it- it’s so great yours likes it!

Thanks everyone! Every few days I bring out the toy and rub the sides together to “wake up” the cantip. They just go crazy.

The dangly yarn is their fault…:aww: