FO: Catherine's Mini-Cardi/Shrug -- New Image

I made this for my DIL’s birthday with Sublime cashmere/merino/silk aran. The pattern is here (in pdf file format):

It was a really quick, easy knit, although there are a couple of mistakes in the pattern. Now I’ve got to make one for myself.

Very cute! Nice job, love the frogs.

Very, very, cute!

It’s BEAUTIFUL! :balloons: Your daughter-in-law is very lucky to have a mother-in-law like you!!

This looks beautiful!! Did you find an errata page for the pattern errors? Or did you just find and correct them yourself?

That’s really nice! Love the frogs, and your knitting is so neat.

love it!! what yarn?

Really, the errors are pretty obvious. There’s a garter stitch border along the front edges, but in a couple of places the pattern calls for purling the first and last 3 stitches of RS rows and knitting the first and last 3 stitches of WS rows. Should be knitting the first & last 3 of every row. Also, be sure and make a size larger than usual, unless you like it really snug.

The brand is Sublime (, color #0008, and it’s a merino/cashmere/silk blend. It’s so soft, and it drapes beautifully. Handwashable, or so the label says.

How cute! It looks fabulous!

Here’s a pic of my DIL modeling her new shrug – she had just come home from the gym when I gave it to her, so I agreed not to do a face shot. I’m really pleased with how well it fits.

that looks absolutely perfect! :cheering:
looks like you have become a master knitter. :thumbsup:

just beautiful
this one i will make this for my grandaughter in purple

gorgeous work!!! will knit one after I have finished the baby stuff for a colleague!


It fits perfectly! I bet she loves it!

Are her arm measurements off then?

Just curious bc she made a size where the armholes would be smaller than her upper arm (i.e., 14 in size for her 15.5 in arms) and said it was snug, but one would assume it would be snug if you made it smaller than your measurements.

Well, maybe my gauge is off, although my swatch was right on. But the problem I had with the sizing was the armholes weren’t big enough – it was too tight under the arms, so I just kept knitting until it fit. I ended up with 64 stitches for the arms, which is between size M and size L. It fit my dil perfectly, and she is a size 6 with 12" arms! Got to be my gauge! Also, I added a few more rows of ribbing on the arms and at the bottom for a little more length.

Ah okay. I would think that just measuring the armhold length before dividing for the sleeves would take care of this - rather than following the pattern exactly for a given size.

I might cast this on today, it’s super cute.

I love it! And I also realy like your yarn choice- how many skeins did you use?

I used pretty well all of 3 balls of yarn at 86m/94yds per ball.