FO: Cat and Bear hats

Cat and Bear [I]ears[/I] hats to be honest :slight_smile: After many attempts to create animal faces, I decided to implement it in a different project. And for now rely on kids imagination and pretend play skills :slight_smile:

The pattern is based on this simple but geniuos seamless design.

With the right fit it creates details without any additional work :slight_smile: I grafted the top and used duplicate stitch and some kind of embroidery stitch for additional colours.

Good idea. I love the hats.

Cool! More animal hats! You could stitch in some whiskers and add buttons for eyes if that will help make these more realistic; however, they’re fantastic just the way they are!!

Oh. My. God. Those are just adorable!! And your kids are too cute for words!! :yay:

Thanks! You know, I tried buttons and such but none of it made me squeal with delight. And that’s the only reaction a cute hat should evoke, in my view :slight_smile:

Oh please, those children could not be more adorable! I do see where your inspiration comes from. Lovely work on the hats. It’s just enough to suggest the cats and bears.

Aw, thanks! Apparently, it’s enough for them too, as soon as we dress to go outside they start growling and meowing :slight_smile:

:heart: the hats and mittens on those precious models! The sweaters are pretty nice, too!


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Very cute and the models are adorable! :0)

Those are simply adorable!:thumbsup:

I love those hats and your models are just too cute!

Absolutely adorable! The hats are great. :yay:

These are so adorable! I want one for myself, and that’s kind of pathetic because I’m two weeks away from turning 30. But they’re just too cute! :slight_smile:

Very cute hats and the kiddos are adorable!

To Colleen114: Oh, I hear ya! But I don’t think it’s pathetic at all. Everytime I see a grown up modelling/wearing a funny or weird hat I think – someone’s got a nerve :slight_smile:

I sure do love your knitting, your family, friends and your photography! Always so nice to see your work!

I always get a kick out of your FO pics. You can tell the kids are delighted with them. The smiles say it all.