FO: Cash Vero Cabled Tam

I spent 14 hours in the car last weekend…traveling to the first round of state soccer playoffs. So, I had plenty of time to knit.

For this project, I used Cascade Cash Vero, colorway #017. I don’t know if you remember, but I purchased it at Gail Knits during my trip to Las Vegas.

Here’s what I made out of it…

Now, I have to say that the yarn is ultra soft. It’s 55% Merino, 12% Cashmere, and 33% Acrylic. It is ultra warm too. I knit it on the soccer fields…in 80 degree weather. Yeah, I think I’ll knit with sock yarn during the next round of playoffs (my daughter’s team made it through to the round of 16 :cheering:).

As far as the pattern, it was easy, but I think there were mistakes in it. Some of the cables seemed off. I frogged about half of it thinking I had messed up. The only thing I had messed up was not switching to a larger needle after the ribbing. I had done the pattern correctly, but it just seems off to me still. I had no idea how to make adjustments, so I just went with it. Oh well. I figure that non-knitters won’t know the difference.

I haven’t made many hats, so I found the decreasing at the top just fascinating. The spiral on the top is so pretty! Call me silly, but I find joy in simple things.

Anyhow, thanks for looking! :muah:

:yay: it looks wonderful!!

Looks great! Love the richness of the green too (Green is my fave color, although my fave-fave is a sage green).

It looks really good, and congratulations to your daughter and her team!

Your tam is gorgeous! I really like the color. I’m so impressed with knitters who can knit while traveling in a car. How do you do it? I’ve tried several times but always get queasy and a headache. It seems to be such a waste of time to just sit there when I could be knitting!

Y’all are making me feel so good! Thank you. I think the hat looks like something you might see from an old Russian movie. :teehee:

As far as knitting in the car, I don’t know how I do it. Perhaps it’s just that I’m so happy to be able to sit there and knit that I just do it. I am, however, a person who can read in the car too. Some people cannot do these things.

Now, if I were in the back seat of the car, we’d be taking a different game. I get very carsick if I’m stuck in the back.