FO: Cascading Leaf Lace Shawl

That’s very pretty!!

My husband made me a blocking board out of a high quality piece of 3 foot by 3 foot plywood, a piece of 1 inch foam, canvas (duck), and topped with a gingham-check fabric, stapled to the back of the plywood. I picked that fabric because all of the ‘boxes’ on the fabric are 1 inch squares, and that helps me a lot when I am pinning and measuring.

He then made a wood platform that the board fits over, that is my chest height to make it easy to stand there and pin things, hung clips around the lower edge for things like my scissors and measuring tape to be placed, and then there is one flat shelf underneath (for my iron and other large items), and a second shelf that is split into 4 sections where I can place my stash yarn and other goodies.

First, that is a very lovely shawl; and the idea to sew the edges together for your arms is ingenious.

Secondly, the idea for your blocking board is also ingenious, and I envy you a husband that is handy like that. Mine has his own set of skills, wood working is not one of them.

Boy are you lucky!!

Great job! And a great resolution…to finish what you start. I need to follow that advice!

Beautiful shawl and wonderful work!:inlove: