FO: Cascade Fixation Ankle Sock #1

Today I finished the first sock of my pair of Cascade Fixation ankle socks. It fits perfectly. I will cast on the second sock on my way to my LYS this afternoon. We’re going to buy yarn for sister to crochet a scarf and look at needles for my Wicked sweater.

Love that color! It looks great!:thumbsup:

Those are great! I am interested in working with this yarn and was wondering how it is? I have a very picky DD and want to make her some socks from it.

Very pretty!!



Looks like a bright, cozy sock! Very nice!

Very cute!! I love the colors :happydance:

Wow, what gorgeous color. I love that sock, it makes me want to learn to knit some!

Great job!

I like using fixation for baby booties as they stay on so well :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

It is kind of interesting to use because it stretches because of the elastic but you get used to it.


Lovely work! You’ve just added another item to To Knit List! :mrgreen:

Great looking socks. I love those anklets. They are perfect for wearing in the house.

Love your colors! Very pretty sock.

I just finished a sock with fixation - it is definitely a little strange to work with because of the elasticity.

Next time I will needle down in size - I used a 3.0 and would probably go down one size. I cast on 48, next time would probably do 54 or 56 instead. Just me though. I am wearing them right now and they stretch when you wear them.

Very Cool!! Love the colors :thumbsup:

Beautiful sock. Great job. I love this yarn. I have made several pairs of socks with it. I love the colors of yours. I like the stretch in it and that it’s cotton and my feet don’t itch!
Susan in NC :slight_smile:

Great job! :thumbsup: