FO: Cardigan to love

I finished my very first cardigan a few days ago. It was so easy, I don’t know why I was so afraid to make one to begin with. Now I’ll definitely be making more. :slight_smile: The pictures aren’t the greatest, but I wanted to show off my work.

Wow that is really pretty. I love the details and lace oh my what a job you have done. I have never made a cardigan, was it intimidating to you at all? You really have a beautiful piece to add to any wardrobe. :cheering:

Yay! It’s beautiful! What pattern is it?

No, sweaters aren’t hard. My first was after 3 mos of knitting and I’m not a brave person. It was a well written simple roll neck, sleeve and bottom sweater. It’s too large, but I kept it anyway. I prefer raglans and seamless by far so I always do those.

Oh, that turned out beautiful! Wonderful color for you, and I love the lace. The design is very flattering on, too. I like the three buttons at the top, which probably makes the cardi look really swingy, yes?

Great first cardigan, and there’s no stopping you now!!!

It is a cardigan to love! :slight_smile: Add my voice to all what was said before. Enjoy it!

Thank you all for the kind comments. :muah: :muah:
I’m really quite pleased with myself and now I can’t wait to make make more cardigans.
Jan-The pattern is Cardigan to Love. I can’t imagine having made a sweater within 3 months of knitting…but then it did take me about 10 years to finally master the purl stitch. :teehee:
Internette-It was intimidating looking at the instructions when I was first reading them. I think I may have physched myself out a bit. But once I got to actually knitting it, it all made a lot more sense to me. :slight_smile:
Antares-Yes I believe it does make it look a bit swingy, which is one of the things that I love about it!! :slight_smile:

I made #9724 on page 3. The first page has the newer version that’s a more fitted shape. Their patterns are very well written and I often recommend them to new knitters.

Thanks for the info!

Oh, wonderful sweater! It’s a great piece and you’ve done well. Lovely color and a pleasing use of lace in the body of the sweater. Thanks for posting the pictures and for the pattern link, too.

How beautiful and it looks great on you!!!

It is lovely! Hooray for you!

The color is right, and it fits so well! Kudos kiddo!

Let’s be knitting buddies! What do you say?

Sounds good to me!! :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to try to knit a cardigan for a while now, and seeing all of the lovely cardigans that you’ve made definitely inspired me. :slight_smile:

Wanna be my knitting buddy for the ORMOND cardigan that I talked about in the General Knitting forum?

It’s flattering in all of the 10 sizes! It’s very thoughtful of the designer to make this cute cardigan accessible to all figure types! And unusual, too. Most patterns seem to end at size 46-47".

Anyway, I hope you like the design in the first place! I know you have the skills to knit it after seeing your beautiful blue cardigan! (which is harder than the Ormond)

I’ll definitely have to think about it. My main concern would be the cost of yarn and for the pattern. I’m broke right now, but I should be able to afford to do it within a couple weeks.

I won’t be ready either til after Labor Day. Maybe Sept 10th or so. I’m still working on the PETRONIA. Just started it this week. So I need at least 2-3 weeks myself.

Oh gosh, this is beautiful! Love the stunning blue colour, not to mention the stunning lacy pattern… wonderful!

Good thing you got over that hump in your knitting career. :cheering: Your sweater turned out very nice. Congratulations on your first!

Thanks!!! Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Now I want to make something in a really nice yarn…after I finish the billion other projects that I need to get done!!! But one day!!

Beautiful! You’re a cardigan natural and that certainly is a Cardigan to Love! I bet you’ve been enjoying wearing it. How’d I miss this thread before?

gorgeous color! (esp on a brunette!) and I love the style, too. You’re officially a fearless knitter now! :yay:

Your cardigan is absolutely gorgeous! WOW!!! Enjoyed your pics!