FO: Canadian wilderness -- boys sweater

Well, you have to use your imagination a bit :slight_smile: The colours of the background looked like blue lakes with the strips of white sand, trees and land. So it called for some kind of inhabitant blending into his environment to make the picture complete :slight_smile: It’s my first attempt at intarsia and the beaver pattern is made from a pixelated photo of a real animal. Also, I don’t think I will ever do set in sleeves again – it’s a pain to design them and even more so to sew them in.

Oh, and the model is taking a picture of the photographer :slight_smile:

That is great, I love how he is photographing you at the same time. Too cute! Him and the sweater look good together.

That came out just great! I love it! I think the beaver looks really cute!

You can do a “set in sleeve” look by picking up stitches and knitting down…just do a few short rows at the shoulder. (I haven’t done it, but have seen patterns and heard talk about it before)

ETA: Your son is absolutely adorable, too!

Thanks! I usually pick up stitches and make short rows and it looks fine. However, this time it didn’t – the top looked too flat… Anyway, I did pick up stitches and made about half a sleeve, ripped off this first row of picked up stitches (basically, disconnected the sleeve to see the shape), wrote down the increases, ripped it off and knitted it back again adding just a bit more on the top. And the second one I started at the top and added increases (thanks Cindy for the bar increase) :slight_smile:

Perfect! Both child and sweater are adorable. The intarsia pattern turned out very well and the colors are lovely.

The sweater is perfect! I love the neckline treatment, too.

This is awesome! have you considered publishing on ravelry? You could have a whole wilderness series, and include charts for different animals.

Thanks! Funny you should mention it – I am sort of considering a whole website where you could choose a basic sweater design (say, 5-8 options), different background colours (Africa, North, Tropical) and different animals made from real pictures. I was waiting for replies to see if there is any interest. I might still start this thread in General knitting (one of the Mods gave me permission) as community feedback would be most appreciated. There is still technical issues… so if anyone is technically inclined and would like to suggest ways to integrate a database, a pdf converter and a shopping cart – please do! :slight_smile:

Oh my, another WINNER! Your knitting is remarkable, Olha! :thumbsup:

Great sweater. Your son looks like he is enjoying it. I can’t knit without a pattern. :thumbsup:

Cute! Both the sweater and your little photographer. My Vogue Knitting book has directions for calculating how to make a set in sleeve, but I’ve always avoided it like the plague. :slight_smile: I like the neck opening on this one. Your beaver looks like a beaver, that’s always good. Nice job. :woot:


Wonderful sweater–and great model, too!

You did a superb job on this one. Yup! Looks just like a beaver to me!