FO: Campfire Socks

I knit these for my Sockapalooza pal. It’s a great pattern - very easy to memorize! The yarn is a DK weight so the knitting is pretty quick.

Pattern: Campfire Socks from Cider Moon
Yarn: Cider Moon Glacier in Istanbul
Size 3 needles


love them!!! great job

Oh wow, those are really lovely! The yarn just [I]looks[/I] like a campfire-type colour. :woohoo:

Those are great, Kristin! Are they for you?

They look great! :cheering:

Those came out lovely! :cheering:

Those look great! :cheering:

I have peeked through your blog twice by the way… I need to bookmark it for whenever I need to see a little yarn porn. You have the best stash! :drool:

Very nice!!:heart:

Thanks everyone!

Jan, sadly they are not for me. They are for my Sockapalooza pal. I need to knit some for me though - it is such a great pattern.

Maureen - I definitely have a problem when it comes to buying yarn - I can’t stop!

Those are just beautiful! Great colors!

Love your socks!! Great pattern. Lucky Sockapalooza pal!!:cheering:

Ah, so [I]that’s[/I] what I’m supposed to be knitting… very nice

:roflhard: hee hee. I saw your thread. Your socks look great too!

Look so cosy! I’d love a pair of these :teehee:

Fab well done xx

They look great :happydance: