FO: Campanula socks

I finished my campanula socks. I am linking to my blog because I wrote about WHY I made them. My blog is

Its came out beautiful!! I love the color. I’m so sorry about your mom. I’m sure she would have loved it and appreciated it.

Beautiful socks and such a bittersweet story!!

It’s beautiful and lovely tribute to your mom. :hug:

Beautiful socks and beautiful, touching story of the socks. :hug:Thank you for sharing the link to your blog and for sharing your story.

P.S. Shoulda warned me not to read it at work–:cry:

Thanks, everyone! I’m really please with how they turned out. :slight_smile:

Sorry Purlygyrl!!

:hug:It’s ok:hug:

:hug:beautiful socks and wonderful tribute to your mom :hug: