FO: Camo Hat

Nothing fancy, just a watch cap made using camo yarn.

It looks great! I made a couple camo hats for my nephews and one for my DH last year.

Very nice, Mason! I’ll assume you used ML?

Looks great!

Nice Job. :clink:

Your beanies just get better and better, Mason. :slight_smile:

Looks great!

:thumbsup: Looks Great!!

:thumbsup: Looks great! Nice yarn colors!

Nope, I did most of it on a 16" Option and then did the decreases on two circs.

looks great as always, mason!!!

Love that yarn and the yummy colourway!!! Nice job.

The hat looks great - nice job as always! :hug:

You are on a hat knitting roll! I love that yarn, perhaps the DBF would like one…hmmm

Desert camo I presume? Looks good.

what is camo yarn and where can I get it… I love your hat…

Great hat, think I like it better than the white one in your avatar photo, and that one is great too.

Thanks. It’s Bernat Camouflage, this one is the Outback colorway. I bought it at Hobby Lobby.

Pretty :inlove:

Looks terrific Mason!