FO: Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl

Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl
Pattern available free at :
Yarn used is Berroco Pleasure about 7-8 balls (I forgot)

There are a few typos/errors in this pattern. Here are my corrections/clarifications:

Clarifications to make it easier to understand for beginner knitters. My changes are in blue:

Begin Shell Pattern

Row 4 K2, yo, K to pattern marker, K4 (P8, K5) end last rep K4 instead of K5, sl pattern marker, K to 1 st before center marker, yo, K1, sl marker, K1, yo, [color=blue]K to pattern marker[/color], rep between * last pattern marker, K to last 2 sts, yo, K1, sl1.

Row 6 … K to 1 st before center marker, yo, K1, sl marker, K1, yo, [color=blue]K to pattern marker,[/color] rep between * to last marker …


Row 8 … K to last 2 sts, [color=blue]yo, K1[/color], sl1.

Pattern change: I did not like the large holes going down the center of the back so I knit those yo’s through the back loop to make them smaller. I think it made it look a bit nicer.

Overall, the pattern is not too bad…although I did have to frog a few rows here and there. Once you get to the shell stitch you might want to turn the TV off :wink:

I’ll try to take another picture when I’m done blocking it. It is still wet in these pictures. Oh…and I chose to block it with a wavy edge because the yarn decided that’s what it wanted to do.

That’s very pretty!

WOW! That’s gorgeous! You did a great job! :cheering:

Here’s a picture of the finished product. :slight_smile: Hope my MIL likes it!

Oh, that’s so pretty! Your MIL will be sure to love it!

That’s beautiful! I think your wavy edges look much nicer than the straight ones in the picture .:slight_smile:

It looks great in black!:muah:


Beautiful job. I also am working on this project. I hope mine turns out looks as nice as yours does. Congrats and keep up the good work!


I agree, I think the straight edges on the one pictured on the pattern take away from the beautiful scalloped edge. Great job!! Love the color too!

:inlove: that is really gorgeous (and such a cute model, too :heart:) You did a wonderful job! I bet she loves it!

It’s beautiful! I love that color. Your model is really cute.

:inlove: very pretty!!!

that is soo beautiful!! great stitchwork!!

That is so amazing! I wish I had that talent.

you did an amazing job. WOW it’s very beautiful!!!


Pretty! Nicely done.