FO : Calorimitry

This is my calorimitry made from Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino that I had leftover from a prayer shawl I made for my mother. I made mine smaller than the pattern in both # of stitches and rows and yet it still looks huge on my head…

nice color. I always get a flash in my pictures when I take pics of myself. Howd you do that with no flash?

That looks great!! I like the color, too.

I don’t think it looks huge on you at all…I like it…and nice colour too.

I think it looks great too!!! Bet it feels soft and warm!

Thank you for your replies - it is so soft and warm I love it !
To take a self portrait without the flash spot in the mirror I just turned the flash off on the camera.

Very nice and cute :slight_smile:

that looks great

Nice job.

I also take pics in the mirror for showing my FOs But I turn the camera facing me and use the mirror to reflect the camera screen so I can see what Im taking a pic of. That way I can use flash if needed.

Maybe that lady in the picture had a huge head…:teehee:

Very nice! I’ve been wanting to try one of them.

Oh Yesssss!!! This is [B]very nice [/B]and definitely going into my queue!!!

I think it looks really good on you:inlove:

:happydance: It looks great!!

I must warn you if you are going to make this either my head is 2 sizes too small or the person who wrote the pattern has a generous head. I had to decrease the # of stitches cast on and the # of rows knit overall. I think I dropped 10 stitches and 6-10rows. I frogged the project a couple of times before getting the size to where it is now. Other than the frogging it is a quick/easy knit.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]It looks good.
Warm and soft… and feminine… but not overly so…
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]