FO: Calorimetry in Patons SWS

Here’s the latest!

I used Patons SWS - Natural Green.

So soft! It turned out a little wide, but since I have “big” hair, it actually holds the hair pretty good.

It looks really neat in that yarn. Great job. :heart:

It looks great. :heart: the colors!

Wonderful job - the colors are great!

:cheering: I love it! I want to buy that exact colorway of SWS to make Danica. But now Calorimetry is tempting me more and more…

Awesome~!! :cheering:

Buy enough for both!

I don’t know what possessed me to buy two skeins of this. I have about 1/4 of a skein left from this project and a whole other skein.

I was thinking about making gloves or mittens to go along with this. I spend many cold nights at soccer games!

I love the colors of yours. I made one for my dd for Christmas to match a pair of fingerless mitts, and it was a fast and fun project.

The colors are great! :cheering: :cheering:

Very very cool looking and the SWS color is wonderful!

Love it :cheering:

I love it! :heart: AND I have one skein of SWS that I’ve been wondering what to do with :happydance: . Did you do it exactly as the pattern stated? I’ve heard of some people casting on less.

Knitqueen, if I make another one, I plan to alter the size. My dd insisted she loved it when I sent her the one I made her, but I tried it on me before sending it, and thought it was a bit big, and dd’s head is much smaller than mine. I did put two buttons on the one I made, though, figuring dd could use the inside button to make it fit snugger, and it wouldn’t show that the ends were overlapping under her hair.

Yes, I did reduce the number of stitches I cast on. I went from the 120 it calls for to 100, although I think I should have done a number divisible by 4. I wound up having an uneven # when I went through the 2nd round of short rows (didn’t notice until the end). But it didn’t seem to make a difference.

I’ve read on this board of people only casting on about 88. I’m SO glad I didn’t go down this far because my hair can get so poofy that I wouldn’t have been able to get it buttoned. I guess it also depends on how stretchy your yarn is.

I do like the idea of sewing on two buttons, though. Gives you a nice option.

I love the colors and it’s just so pretty!!!

that is cute!! i :heart: how u did the colors. :slight_smile:

Wow–I like that!! Great colors.

BTW: I love the idea of a hidden button to tighten it up to stay on my head~!! :happydance:

Great! I really like the colours.

good job ! :cheering: