FO-Cablle Scarf

This is my first project with cables a friend of mines wanted a scarf but he didn’t want it very long so I searched around Ravelry & found this I am honestly amazed when I make things & they come out the way they are suppose to look lol… Feel free to click the link below it goes to my profile on Ravelry so you can see a pic of the scarf. I need to figure out how to make it smaller so the file isn’t to big to post here.

its beautiful

i love the colour

bet your friend will love it

It’s lovely! Can you please post a picture here so that those who don’t have Ravelry can see it? Some people have blocked sites at work, too. Check my sig for sizing and posting instructions.

It’s beautiful! Looks so soft and warm! Great job!

:happydance: Great job!

Looks great! Cables are fun.

Nice job, Rae!!!

Great job! Aren’t cables easy? And fun!?!?

Hopefully the picture will show up now I am still new to the whole cropping photos lol. The cables on this scarf were easy but I am wondering if they were easy since it was bulky yarn. Hopefully as I move on to other cables & different yarns they will remain easy.

Warm and classy! Just what i like :thumbsup: I’m sure your friend will be delighted!

Thanks really pretty. I would like to try cables but they scare me a bit. >^,^<

Don’t be intimidated. My first cable was the Irish Hiking Scarf and within a few repetitions I wasn’t even counting rows or looking at the pattern any more.

Looks great! :thumbsup:

They scared me a bit at first also Catcook but just jump in you can always updo it and start again