FO: Cabled Wristwarmers

Hi! Here’s my contribution to the ever increasing patterns of
cabled wristwarmers. :slight_smile: I made up the pattern using a cable
chart from Viking Patterns for Knitting. I’m really sick of the
pattern right now as I made too many for Christmas gifts and
this is the last pair (a recent request) hopefully that I will be
making for a bit! :slight_smile:

Libbie :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful! I love your pattern – would you be willing to share it?

Very nice. I really need to get around to trying one of those more intricate cable patterns. I like the thick stripes too :slight_smile:

Purty. Love the rainbow. :mrgreen:

:yay: very pretty!! I love the colors in the yarn…

What kind of yarn is this? Beautiful!

Well they look really great! Nice color and the pattern still shows nicely…they don’t look too thick either…nice.

They look great. Love the yarn colors.

They’re so pretty - I so know what you mean, though - I love the viking patterns so much that I used them for so many Christmas presents and have had to take a cable break for a while :wink:

They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love the pattern if you would like to share. The yarn has a beautiful colorway. What did you use? :yay:

Very lovely! Great job. I too would love this pattern if you are willing to share…

sharing your pattern?:happydance:

Wow they are georgous and that yarn is lovely really rich colours x

They’re gorgeous! I never would have thought of doing a cable pattern in a stripe, but it really looks good.

oh I like! actually I :heart:!

Those are awesome…great job! :hug:

Wow, those are lovely! I just love the colors and the cable!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I have no problem sharing the
pattern I just don’t know if I can. I mean, the basic pattern I made
up but the cabling pattern is from a book so I don’t know if I’m
allowed to share that…anyone know? If I can’t share that, I can
tell you exactly what I did and you can do the same! :slight_smile:

The yarn (link to the yarn co webpage, click the names on the left
column to see all the types of yarn if your curious what is readily
available in nearly every store in Finland :slight_smile: is a local Finnish brand and every season they put out some special skeins in some amazing
color combos, this was a wide self-striping pattern. Like a total dork,
I only bought one skein of this particular colorway and then fell in
love with it and wanted to get more and it was all gone. sigh live
and learn! I’ve just seen the spring specials and hopefully budget will
allow some for some spending! :slight_smile:

I’ll write out the pattern as it’s just in my head and try to
post at least the basics!

nice work… love the cables :inlove:

They look great!