FO--cabled hoodie

My daughter wanted a hoodie and I couldn’t get my hands on the pattern for Central Park Hoodie. So we hunted around on line and found this:

…which I tweaked (a LOT) to come up with this sweater. It was made with Caron Simply Soft because this is for a kid, needs to be washable, and if she lost it somewhere I wouldn’t be homicidal. :roflhard:

:inlove: Beautiful.

WOW–that looks awesome!!

Hey, I’m knitting that pattern, too. Small world. How did you put a hood on it?

That is great. I’m impressed with your alterations.

To make it with a hood, I did not do any of the front neck shaping. I made the back, then made the two fronts without shaping. I did a 3-needle bind off on 44 stitches to connect the back to the two fronts, and put the remaining stitches from the back and two fronts on holders. After that I made the sleeves.
When I went back to do the hood, I put all the stitches from my holders on a circ and continued in the pattern as established, having made a note of which row I was on when I got to that point. There are no more diamonds by that point (for me, I didn’t get row gauge) so the hood is done in reverse stockinette and those 6-stitch cables. I knit it straight up to the correct length and then did a 3-needle bind-off for the center top of the head.
Because she wanted a zipper rather than buttons, all around the front opening and all around the hood in one continuous row, I did several rows of garter stitch edging and put in a 22-inch zipper. The zipper scared me a little. You can see the bottom of the zipper area is sort of funky, but other than that it works well.

Thanks, I might do mine with a zipper, but my Mother doesn’t want a hood on hers. My cousins will, though.

I think I am going to make one for myself but without a hood. I might also make it more form-fitting by not doing the sleeve increases, and by omitting the moss stitch borders on the outside edges of the back and fronts.

Amazing! :notworthy: :inlove:

If I made something THAT gorgeous it wouldn’t matter what yarn I made it with, I’d be homicidal if it got lost!

So here is the mojo for it not to get lost :slight_smile:


(fairies saying the chant)


That’s gorgeous!



I hope she LOVES it. REALLY great knit!



:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:thud: WOW-ZA!!!

That is gorgeous! Fabulous! I too would go nuts if it got lost, no matter WHAT yarn I used!!

Wow! That is some amazing work! I’d go looney if someone lost that much work. It’s beautiful. :notworthy:

Wow! That is just GORGEOUS!!!

:notworthy: Beautiful!


I don’t think my skill will ever progress enough to do something like this. WOW!

Holy moly that is an awesome hoodie. You do great work. I am in awe.

So totally awesome! :cheering: Beautiful, beautiful cable work! :notworthy: