FO: Cabled Hobo Bag

Good Morning everyone! This is my 1st post here…I’m happy to be a part of this awesome forum. Actually, I taught myself how to knit from only a few months ago. Just thought I would share my first completed knitting project. It’s a Cabled Hobo Bag. Since it was intended to be just a way for me to practice cables, I used a worsted weight yarn from my stash which is about 15 yrs old, and it isn’t lined. A link to the pattern and the image can be found on my blog [COLOR=red]here[/COLOR]. I have not quite figured out how to post pictures yet. Sorry 'bout that. Thanks in advance for looking :happydance:

What a pretty little bag! I like your other FO’s on your site too!!!

Your bag looks great and very sturdy with the all the cables. :lol:


It is gorgeous and the color is beautiful!
I want to make that for my mother next month and wonder how long it would take. Would you mind sharing how long it took you VictoriaRose?

Love the bag, and your other FOs as well. I have to make the flip-flop socks!

Hi KT120,
I have 5 VERY active children ranging in age from 15 to 6(co-ed twins). IF I would have been allowed to work on it as long as I wished, when I wanted, I would have been done in about 10 days. BUT, the harsh reality is…2 months :shock:!!! My oldest daughter asked me if I could make her one, except she needs it book-bag size for school (she wants RH w/w Aran Fleck). I figure if I start now, she might get it for Christmas:thumbsup:

I love the color and big, bold cables! Beautiful job :smiley:

Rebecca, it looks just great and terrific color too!:muah:

I love that bag and the cables look so yummy!!!

Thanks for sharing!! I really like the look of the bag…I bookmarked the pattern to add to the growing list of “must-dos”!!


I love it ,I will have to make one now!.

That’s beautiful!:cheering: I added it to my list of “must knit” patterns!

Wow, it’s gorgeous!! I love the color and it has such a nice shape. Well done! :thumbsup:

GREAT bag!!

All these FO’s giving me more projects to do!!!

Great color and the boldness of the cables makes a fun statement. :slight_smile:


OOOOOh, I’m totally in love with that bag! I must replicate one immediately!:drooling:

Just wanted to say [I]Thank You[/I] all for your kind comments! It may sound funny, but I feel as though I have started a new chapter in my life just by learning how to knit:lol:. What a GREAT second family here:hug:!

That was your first completed project?! Wow! I’m impressed. Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!

It’s a beautiful bag. And I’m surprised it’s your first project in knitting. I’m new to knitting too and I must say , you are waaaaay ahead of me!!