FO- Cabled Baby Hat

My DH’s co-worker is haveing a baby so I knit her this hat.

I knit it in Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton. And there isn’t one mistake hehehe.

First time posting photos hope it works.

What a beautiful gift, Sherri!

very pretty…she will love it :happydance:

It’s beautiful.

:woohoo:I :heart: those hat patterns! Your hat is lovely, I’m sure it will be a favorite gift! :cheering:

Nice little hat. Great gift. Love the organic cotton. Congrats on no mistakes. :slight_smile:

Very pretty!

It is just beautiful and I always love white baby gifts

OMGosh. :heart: That’s so CUUUUUTTTEEE !!! (yes, my voice just went up 3 octaves–baby items do that to me!!!:teehee: )

Wow, that’s one cute hat! Great job, Sherri.

That’s so sweet! Thanks for posting the link – I would really like to make this for a friend’s baby.