FO - Cable Lattice Sweater

So I am finally getting around to posting the pics I took a few weeks ago with a borrowed camera.

I (finally) finished this last fall, just in time to get lots of wear out of it during cold weather season. The pattern is #33 in the Fall 1998 Vogue Knitting (I love libraries). I used Jo Sharp DK wool in “violet”.

absolutely gorgeous!!!

WOW! :inlove: Beautiful! That definitely wasn’t mindless-while-you’re-watching-TV knitting!

That is just beautiful.

:inlove: That is to beautiful for words - I love that pattern and the color -scrumpsous!

What a gorgeous pattern! I love it!

STUNNING :heart: :inlove: :heart: !!!

That’s so lovely! What great work, your stitches look perfect. :thumbsup:

Sooo beautiful!! :inlove: Great job!!

Whoa!!! :shock: :shock:

That is one GORGEOUS sweater!! :inlove:

And i bet it looks absolutely STUNNING on a brunette!

You should be well proud!


Holy buckets! That’s gorgeous. Wonderful job! :thumbsup:

:inlove: Absolutely stunning!!

very beautiful!

Wow is all I can say! Such intricate work! It looks beautiful!

Wow. Incredible!

Wow! That’s gorgeous!!!

Thanks for all the kind words. :oops: I am very pleased with how it turned out. The pattern was fairly repetative and easy to “read” so once I got going it wasn’t difficult, just slow b/c of all the cabling. I have taken several months off from cabling since I finished this :wink: , but am starting to feel the “cable urge” again so we will see what I end up doing next…

Wow, that is just beautiful! Great job!

That is amazing!!!

:heart: kimmie

I love it!! :heart: I am addicted to cables. It seems I keep choosing patterns with them . Very very pretty :thumbsup: