FO: Cable knit scarves

Here are the 2 completed scarves that I have been working on. I hope I was supposed to post a second thread for the finished ones. If not let me know. This is the fastest i’ve ever knitted anything so i’m very excited. Hope you like them!

They are both really lovely!
Did you have a pattern or did you just make them up, the scarf would look great with an aran beret I’ve just finished.
It’s great when your knitting turns out well, isn’t it:)

They are beautiful!

I deleted your other thread. For future reference you don’t need to post a second thread. You can edit your post. If editing your photos doesn’t work then just reply to your own post and add the photo in the reply. :thumbsup:

I did have a pattern at this site I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn. They were very easy and fun.

:heart: :heart: Pretty!

I will wave out the window as I pass McDounough, GA Wednesday. I am traveling from Savannah to Kennesaw for Thanksgiving. :waving:

I love cabled scarves, and yours are very nice indeed! :thumbsup:

They turned out gorgeous!!! Congrats on some beautiful scarves!

Nice. I am in a cable phase right now!!!