FO - Cable Comfort Throw

Hi everyone!

This was a Christmas gift for my mom. I finished it before Christmas but it took me this long to post it. It took 9 skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Grass.

Love that pattern.
Yours looks wonderful! :cheering:

Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous! I made this throw, too, and it’s an awesome pattern! Your color choice was great, and it looks like you just did an awesome job :smiley: Nice work :thumbsup:

That is just gorgeous! I love both the color and the pattern. Great job! What a lucky mom you have! :slight_smile:

That is awesome. I just did the same pattern as well but tried it with a different yarn. I love the way yours came out!!! Good job.

Beautiful!!! I looks so warm and cozy! Great job!


Stunning! I love the colour . What a lovely afghan :slight_smile:

wow! that is soooo beautiful! good job kbagel! i would LOVE to have a blanket like that! you are sooo generous…

:yay: Great Job and very pretty!! I love the color…

awesome job on that throw…hehhee

hope you’ll post more up.

oh that looks soooo cozy! Very nice!

Simply beautiful. I am sure your mother loved it. What a wonderful gift from the heart!

Wow, great job!! I hope mine is as nicely done!!:cheering:

Beautiful job!!

Beautiful afghan! I love the feel of Wool-ease Thick & Quick, and it knits up so fast.

It’s beautiful. It looks so warm!

I love the color!!! you did a great job! I hope to make something like this someday!
:woohoo: :woohoo:

This is [I][U]SO[/U][/I] [I][U]BEAUTIFUL[/U][/I]!!! :inlove: I’m glad you posted it–I considered making this, but the picture they have on the Lion Brand website isn’t very detailed, and I wondered how it looked before I began this project. I’m glad you posted yours, because your FO [I][U]DEFINITELY[/U][/I] makes it a worthwhile project. Mine was to be a gift too, and it is certainly a beautiful gift worth giving (though I may have a hard time parting with it once it’s done!) I really like the color too–I made myself a shawl out of their “chunky” weight yarn in the same color and I love it.

:muah: that is GORGEOUS!! I love the color and the pattern too-very nice! I would’ve had a hard time giving it away :teehee: