FO - Cable Comfort Throw

Hey everyone! I just finished this today. It’s a throw for my friend as a graduation gift. I made it using the pattern from with 13 needles and Wool-ease in Fisherman. And I finished it in a week, which is really great for me! Tell me what you think :smiley:

It is lovely!! I know your friend will appreciate it.

That’s so pretty! I’m sure she’ll love it!

That is GREAT!! You did a wonderful job.

Good job on the cables! Looks great!


Looks really cozy and cute. Can’t believe you did that in a week.

I WANT ONE! :rofling:

I’m actually going to make one for my mom for Christmas…it only took you a week, huh?

It’s beautiful, thanks for posting the pic!

Yes, it only took a week. But I’m off from school and wasn’t working, so it did take longer than I would knit in a typical week :smiley: Still, I’m proud of the accomplishment. And it’s not very difficult, so I think it makes a nice gift.

Thanks for the awesome feedback, everyone!

Very nice. Looks like a lot of work.

Beautiful.:inlove: I know she’ll just LOVE it!

Looks great and the cables are lovely!

A very nice and very thoughtful gift. Well done :slight_smile:

That is officialy on my list of Things To Knit. :muah:Fantastic job!

It’s beautiful, Rachel!! Excellent job on the cables! Something like that might actually entice me to make a throw. :?eyebrow: I’ve always sworn I wouldn’t :lol:

Redheadrachel, you rock! That throw is awesome and you have one lucky friend. WTG

Oh gosh! I could just snuggle with that! Wonderful job!!!

Wow! Its amazing! She will love it!

I love cables! They are my new obsession. Great job:heart:

Hi Rachel,

Your afghan is just gorgeous, however, I’m hoping to have mine done before winter.:thumbsup:

SWEEEET!!! :thumbsup: