FO Cable blanket

I am posting 2 pics. 1 so you can see the colors. The other is so you can see the cables more clearly. The blanket cosists of left and right twisting cables. This was my first attempt at cables and also, the first item I have ever made for just me. My friend is very proud of me for “giving” to myself LOL!!! :woohoo:

Very pretty!!! You did a very good job. I love to knit cables I like the way the finish item looks. Keep up the good work!!!

Great job! Aren’t cables fun? I love how they look complicated, but are pretty simple to do. And of course you should knit for yourself. I’m my favourite person to knit for- I always like my presents!

Great job and beautiful colours. I love doing cables. I am planning on making myself a Central Park Hoodie as soon as I finish the shawl I am working on now. There are many fine cables in that sweater and yet it looks so comfie and cozy. I can’t wait to get started on it!

Beautiful work!!! :inlove:

How pretty is that!!!:yay: Love the colors. What yarn did you use? I want to learn cables. A girl I work with swears that cables aren’t that bad. I need to suck it up and try.:knitting:

What a lovely blanket.

That is really beautiful…:thumbsup:
What pattern did you use?

Very nice! Cables add a fancy touch to projects. Good job!

Lovely throw!

:yay: Great job!!

I used homespun yarn in Tudor. Cables are not hard at all. Trust me if I can do anyone can LOL!!!

Oh that’s pretty! It looks like it would tempt one to pick it up and cuddle with it!


Very pretty!! You did a great job!

Beautiful. Good work. :thumbsup:

Wonderful work!!! :cheering:

Did you use Lion Homespun, or Encore Colorspun?

I need to make a baby blanket for a baby shower in June…and this is the perrrrrrfect blanket!

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

Lion Homespun is what I used in Tudor color.

Aren’t cables great?! Nice job.