FO: Butterfly Baby Blanket

Thanks to the people who pointed me in the right direction to find a butterfly pattern that required the least possible amount of crochet! The pattern for the blanket is from the first Stitch n B* book and the butterflies were from the SnB Nation book. TFL!

I finished the blanket for my neighbor’s baby and delivered it to them on the 26th…only to find out that the baby had been born on the night of the 25th! They brought her home from the hospital today and she was covered with my blanket when they did :happydance:

One more so you can see the baby with her blankie!

Also, I’m just so proud of myself because this is the largest project I’ve ever finished! I’ve been working on another baby blanket on-and-off for at least a year, and I finished this one in about a month. I was knitting like a madwoman and had it almost finished in 2 weeks…then I took a break for a week or two!

aw, that’s so cute (both the baby and the blanket)

So pretty! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


It looks grogeous!!! I’m sure they’ll treasure it forever! Great job! :blooby:

Absolutely precious!

I just saw this! It’s so pretty!

That is positively beautiful! I’ve thought about making that blanket myself. I love the look of neatness of the borders.

how sweet is that little baby with your blankey! well her blankey. it looks great. you did a great job, even for knitting like a madwoman!

Thanks, everybody!!
The baby’s nursery is decorated with butterflies, that’s why I decided to add them onto the blanket.

Beautiful! :heart:

very pretty–sweet baby too!

:heart: So adorable!

Very nice! What a lucky baby :D.

THat looks great. And the baby is really cute too!

Oh, it’s lovely! Such a pretty shade of pink!

I love both, the baby and the blanket!!

OT: Becca, I saw your Scrapbook Gallery! My gosh you are talented!!! I have tried scrapbooking and let me tell you… I suck!! :wall:

That is so throughly CUTE!!! Great job!! :thumbsup:

lol, Melissa… let’s just say it’s taken me a few years to evolve to the scrapbooking I’m doing now. Don’t give up! Especially with a baby on the way! A lot of my scrapbook pages are totally “scraplifted”–someone else’s idea with my own paper and pictures! You can do it and your baby will treasure it!

Ooooo that’s gorgeous! My aunt made me the same blanket when I had my baby, but without the butterflies. It’s very special because lots of time was put in it and it was made with love! :muah: