FO: Bunny!

My first finished Bunny!

He needs a tail still, I think, but I think he’s utterly adorable.

omg I want one!!! make me one!!! pleeeeeeeeese?

He’s very cute and looks so soft and cuddly!

Too cute!! :slight_smile:


I’ve got two squares done to make yellow ones!!! The school secretary has been and ABSOLUTE dear to me, and she requested yellow!!! :slight_smile:

They are SOOOO easy to do…you did a GREAT job!! :slight_smile:

What a cute bunny :heart:

What pattern did you use? I might try one for my hairdresser - she is expecting a baby later this year and he looks just perfect :smiley:

Very cute! :thumbsup:


Oh that is so sweet!

:thinking: I’ve got some white boucle I had meant to make snowmen with, maybe I’ll be making bunnies instead!

Awwww, how sweet! :inlove:

He’s made with this pattern. I’m fixing to make several, and I have a dentist appointment today and I’m bringing my knitting there. I wonder how many bunnies I’ll be making after this trip. :wink:

Very cute! He looks so soft! :smiley:

I love the fixing…it’s always nice to cross paths w/ a similar accent!!!

adorable bunny!

I love the fixing…it’s always nice to cross paths w/ a similar accent!!!

adorable bunny![/quote]

LOL, I thought the exact same thing :wink:
Your bunny is just toooooo cute :smiley:

So cute!

I’m a transplanted Georgia gal myself and was delighted to read “fixing” as well! :wink:

Cute, looks soft and cuddly.

Did I actually type fixing? Lord … I really am becoming Southern. I’m actually a Damn Yankee … born and raised in New England, but I moved here to be with DH almost 10 years ago, and I’ve never looked back.

It’s funny…I’ve lived here for 25 years but most people immediately ask where I’m from and remark about how I DON’T sound like a southerner…but every now and then…something pops out that even catches me off guard…usually it’s some unintended drawl!!! :slight_smile:

awww how cute!! That looks really good :thumbsup: