FO: Bunny Blanket Buddy

My best friend’s daughter, Eva, will celebrate her first birthday August 27 so I made her a bunny blanket buddy!

It’s very cute! I’m sure she’ll love it!

Oh ow cute is that! I can just see her Mom trying to stop her from sucking on the ears. LOL

Too cute! I’ve been wanting to make one of these too. What yarn did you use?

Really sweet little bunny and a great gift.


Oh yours is adorable!

I made one of those recently and was so embarrassed with the outcome I didn’t even post it as an FO here. lol For some reason my head was too long, and I really suck at the embroidery part and my face looks all evil and goofy. Someday I’m going to make another one so it looks cuter. :wink:

I used Peaches & Cream cotton yarn to make the bunny. That way it can be washed, dragged into the tub or whatever Miss Eva decides to do with it… :teehee: