FO: Bunny Blanket Buddy

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be finished with the bunny blanket buddy; it was pretty easy to make, but I really didn’t like using the Velvetspun yarn. However, I’m pretty pleased with how the bunny blanket buddy turned out! :smiley:

REALLY cute!

oh that’s adorable! My neighbor is having a boy “they think” but she isn’t convinced–baby wouldn’t smile nice for the ultrasound! So, I may have to consider this for baby vs. pink little booties!

Do you have a pattern link?

It looks so cozy with that velvet spun yarn though…didn’t like working with it or how it turned out? Does it shed?

How sweet is that! And it looks soooo soft. Great job!

:happydance: it looks great!!

Thanks, everyone! I don’t think I can post a pattern “link”, since it’s from the Lion Brand web site and I tried to send it to someone else and it asked them to log in, but if you just go to and search “Bunny Blanket Buddy” you will find both the knit and crochet versions.

Bethany: I love how it turned out and it is VERY soft, but I just did not enjoy working with the Velvetspun. It has no “stretch” on the needle and so you must “force” the needle into the stitches…does that make sense? I am pretty picky about yarn, though, lol. I have heard that it can also be made with cotton; if I ever make another one, I will probably try it with cotton. The Velvetspun really only shed when I began weaving in the ends. That being said…it really was a pretty easy project (my first time knitting “short rows” – so easy!) and I’m glad I made it. :smiley:

So soft and cuddly :slight_smile: so cute .

I love the blanket bunnies! I have made several of them in different medium. My favorite is cottontots yarn (I had 3 skeins left). It’s so soft and much easier to knit that velvetspun.

That looks great btw!

Looks great! I made this too, I used Bernat’s Haven… my ds loves it!

How cute is that!

Cute! The yarn looks nice. I like the ears flopped over. :slight_smile:

That is the most adorable thing ever!!! :inlove: :thumbsup:

I have run across this pattern at Lion Brand several times and thought it was cute. I like the white. It looks great!

How very Cute!!:heart: :cheering:

Cute! These are fun to make.

Too cute for words!


Oh how cute!!! I really do need to make one or two of those by Easter. Every little girl needs ‘SumBunny’ to love her.

Okay, I just had to bump this back up there…I adore this bunny blanket buddy!!! Is it wrong for a 34 year old to want one??? :roflhard:

Oh wow, yours looks fabulous! I made 2 of those for my god-twins, and… well… let’s just say I wasn’t very good at embroidering the face, so mine ended up looking kind of pissed off! :slight_smile: Anyway, you did a great job!