FO: Bunny Blanket Buddy

I made this for my 3 yo’s birthday last week. The pattern is from the Lion Brand website and I used the Lion Brand Velvetspun that the pattern called for in a light purple. Quick to knit and oh so cuddly! The Velvetspun is very, very soft and machine washable so I can just throw it in the wash when it gets dirty.

Too cute - I’ve always loved that blanket! Your daugther looks like she loves it!

Incredible cute!
And the blankeee is too! lol :thumbsup:

Ahhh thats is so sweet.
You picked a good name :thumbsup:

She’s never gonna put that bunny down!

:heart: :heart:

Awww, she loves it!

So squishably cute!

That is really nice and cute. I hope that bunny gets lots of wear!

that’s so cute.

Cute! I made one of these a few weeks ago in pink. Your face turned out much better than mine! Well done.

Too cute, and how sweet is that picture of her hugging it :heart:

Awww. That’s so sweet!

Oh that is cute !!! Makes me want to knit one for my 1year old nephew!!! Maybe I can make him one for Christmas !!!

How adorable!!! And washable, too–it looks like it’s well loved. :heart:

Love that color, and it’s so cute! :thumbsup: